Public sessions are held every Friday and Saturday night from 7:30-10pm
admission is $

Public Skating is also held on
Saturday afternoons, (November thru April),
from 1:30pm-4pm.  Admission $
4.00.   While any age is welcome to attend
any public session, Friday and Saturday evenings are geared more
towards teens and young adults.  Young Children and families are
recommended to attend Saturday afternoon sessions.

The concession stand features Pepsi products, chips, and various candy,
with prices starting at just 5 cents!

Skate rental is $1.00 for all skates. The Cavalier has rental skates in sizes
from infants up to an 11 in women's and to a 16 in men's.  Beginner's
skates are also available for children up to a size 4.

You may bring your own skates, however, roller blades, in-line skates,
and most "shoe-skates" are not allowed!  This is because of our natural
hardwood floor.  These types of skates usually have wheels that are thin
or small that can cut grooves into the floor, and many times these skates
are worn outside, which can cause damage to the wheels, and to our floor.
The management reserves the right to refuse use of any skates brought
in to the rink.
Public Skating Sessions
Small or thin wheels
Large wing nuts on the
sides of the wheels
These skates are all
These skates ARE
NOT  allowed