To help celebrate our 65 years, the Cavalier had a float in the Chillicothe Jaycees/Evening Lion's Club
Halloween Parade on October 31st, 2015.
We invited some of our skating queens and court members from the 1950s to ride with us and help us
celebrate.  The float won second place in the float judging competition.  
Our Queens and Court Members
Joanne (Robinson) Benner- our very first Skating Queen- 1951
Eleanor (Smalley) Karshner- Skating Queen 1955
Vickie (Roberts) Storts- Skating Court 1957
Karen (Ward) Cheeseman- Skating Court- 1957
Barbara (Irvin) Stephenson- Skating Court 1957
Lorraine (Cochenour) Stotridge- Skating Court 1958
(unable to attend) Margie (Davis) Goldsberry- Skating Queen and national runner up 1956
St. Patrick's Skate 2016
Neon Glow Skate 2016
Luau Skate 2016
Christmas Skate 2015
Our 65th Birthday skating party- November 2015