History of the Cavalier
1969- The Cheeseman's oldest
daughter, Freda- 2 years old
The first Cavalier Roller Rink was opened in March of 1940 in the old Eagles Hall
on Walnut Street in Chillicothe.  It was operated by Irvin Whetsel, John Whetsel,
and Robert and Roberta (Whetsel) Ward.  
When the building was sold, they moved to two buildings in Washington Court
House and Hillsboro. Both John Whetsel and Robert Ward were called to service
in World War II and the rinks were closed.  Robert Ward was killed in the service
in France in 1944.  After the war, Roberta Ward married Bill Breakfield and the
family went on the road with portable rinks. The  sections of flooring and huge
tents were loaded up on flatbed trucks, and the whole operation toured
throughout Ohio, much like a traveling circus or carnival.   The "portable rink"
was then taken to Georgia in 1948 before being brought back to Chillicothe and
Jackson, Ohio.  
In 1949, The Cavalier Roller Rink in Jackson, Ohio was built, using a portion the
flooring from the portable rink, which remains today.  In 1950, Bill and Roberta
Breakfield (Ward) built the Cavalier in it's present location in Chillicothe, Ohio.   
Both Cavalier Rinks have remained in continuous operated by the descendants of
the Whetsel family.
Bill Breakfield behind the counter,
Chillicothe Cavalier  - early 1950s
1948 in Georgia. Current owner Karen Cheeseman
with "portable rink in the background.
Mid 1950s
floats in parades- 1950s
Owner, Karen Cheeseman,
(left)  and her little Brother,
Larry Breakfield, 1951
Skaters performing at the Ross County Fair
Owners Chris & Karen Cheeseman
in 1966
Chillicothe Gazette Article, 1952
In 1994, the Cavalier Rink
was flooded and a new floor
had to be constructed.  For
more on the flood and
Click here
Early 1960s
Skaters performing at the Ross County Fair